young lions 2017

The 2017 Young Lions brief was to drive donations for a non-profit called Brave Beginnings. Brave Beginnings fulfills grants for hospitals, so they can purchase the expensive and specialized equipment needed for premature infants. Despite working almost exclusively in the digital realm, my friend and coworker Zoë decided to enter both the print and film categories. This was a personal effort for us, and so we wanted to challenge ourselves and try something we weren't entirely comfortable with.

With a topic as sensitive as premature birth and the equipment that can mean life or death for a newborn baby, we knew there was a fine line between raising awareness with raw, honest executions, and over-dramatizing just for the sake of tugging at the heartstrings. After speaking with new parents and narrowing down the different insights we explored, we landed on two that felt the most relatable and jarring: All of life’s most cherished moments are only possible with the right care in those first critical hours (our film insight), and that no parent is prepared for a premature birth, so it’s crucial that hospitals are (our print insight). We wanted to approach the topic with sensitivity and emotion without clouding the final message.

AD: Myself
Copywriter: Zoë Drazen