levi's® 501® day 2017

In May of 1873, the patent for the first pair of blue jeans was filed by Levi Strauss, and the 501® was born. Every moment since then, the 501® has been evolving - sometimes at the hand of the designers at Levi's®, who have patiently and lovingly tweaked the iconic fit to keep up with the times (goodbye, suspender buttons, hello, belt loops).

But most of the time, that evolution has been powered by the people who live in their jeans, artists and skateboarders and students and teachers, rock stars and spelling bee champs, Presidents and editors-in-chief. So when Levi's® asked us to spearhead the creative work on a global holiday to celebrate the invention of the blue jean, it inevitably became a celebration, too, of the people who wear it.

501® Day is a global holiday in celebration of the blue jean as a blank page for all of us to write our own story upon. A bigger undertaking than we'd ever taken on for Levi's®, it also coincided with the launch of a limited-edition collection, available only on May 20. The production was robust; from visual direction to concerts, retail activations, social campaigns, site and product shoots, we crafted it all, and the end result was a worldwide celebration, a killer product drop, and plans for 501® Day 2018.

An AKQA San Francisco project for Levi's®.
CD: Eamonn Dixon
AD: Jan Barcikowski (lead), Myself
Designers: Cindy Tsui (lead), Myself
Writers: Bryan Dempler, Euzcil Castaneto
UX: Jessica Martin




501® Day has been a global celebration with voluntary participation by Levi's® markets around the world. The amount of budget and energy that markets invested into the day was overwhelming:


buenos aires, argentina

rio de janeiro, brasil

paris, france

mexico city., mexico

mumbai, india

krakow, poland

san francisco, united states of america

shanghai, china

tokyo, japan

istanbul, turkey

montevideo, uruguay

product shoot

Photographer: Bryan Dempler