beijing subway

Challenge: Rebrand an existing metro system and redesign its map.
Course: Information Design
Materials: Digital

I was lucky enough to travel abroad in Hong Kong for a spell, and was taken with how clean, efficient, and easy to navigate the Hong Kong metro was. However, while on a short visit to Beijing, I was struck by how painful their public transportation system was. As a tourist, I simply could not navigate it. So when we were prompted to redesign a subway map, my first choice was inherently Beijing.

The biggest challenge was the sheer amount of lines in the system (17 currently running + 5 more being built in the next decade = 22 total) and finding a color palette that kept all lines in visible harmony. The final map is bilingual, indicates regular line stops and transfer stations, has an alphanumeric grid and a list of tourist destinations or important buildings and their correlating subway line. There is also an app, designed to help with point-to-point navigation and to provide a pocket-sized map.

click the map below to download a high-res interactive pdf